farm charm

Friday. I went to my poker-pal Kenny friend's farm to take photos of his animals. Kenny said he had lots of goats, more than one kind of pig, roosters, ducks and a donkey. When I imagine what a farm looks like, I see barns, some hay, vast green fields and animals. This place was WAY more than that. It was full of all kinds of stuff. Kennys friend (who I never got his actual name because Kenny called him "goat boy" the entire time) collects stuff. Piles and piles of large stuff. Everywhere. For example, the pig pin featured an old jeep, pictured below. baby pigs
The beautiful donkey was inside a pin with one goat, 5 bigger pigs and an antique crane repair truck.
There were so many goats! White goats with curly hair, baby goats, and this yummy shy goat that I named Ralph.peeking Ralph

eyelashes It was seriously fun to see happy animals. This farm wasn't close to what I had imagined it would be, it was even better!