the old man is snoring

it is raining. good since NC is having the worst drought on record. Days like today are perfect for:

- getting two blankets deep on the couch
- watching college basketball, WSOP, or any meg ryan movies with both eyes closed
- napping with Marvin (he is terrifically warm and snuggly)
- re reading decorating magazines
- baking cookies from scratch and drinking two glasses of ice cold milk when the first batch is done*
- blogging
- soaking in a not-too-hot lavender bubble bath
- napping to the sound of the crackles from our first winter fire
- moving from one couch to the other - just to lay
- listing my porcelain cats and silver piped china on ebay and craigslist*
- sipping hot chocolate and watching the birds eat on the new feeder I put in the tree just outside the deck
* sounds like work, lets not do that today.