Back from Austin, Texas

melissa, texas style
Austin was amazing, and boy, did I have a great time photographing Brian and Melissa. I absolutely, without-a-doubt, LOVE Austin. I seriously would leave NC tomorrow and move IF I hadn't JUST bought myself a new house. Here are some photos from our afternoon adventures. The first two images are from the County Line restaurant: home of texas barbeque and the BEST ribs ever. Located on the river, a couple and their two dogs literally drove up in their boat, docked, ate lunch on the patio, then got back in the boat and drove away. park your boats here.
Brian thought I was nuts to insist on taking my camera into the restroom. But how else could I show the world the overthetop wall decor? women's restroom decor
Three lovely images from the Lady Byrd Wildflower center.

alien flower
One of Brian's favorite restaurants with a untra-hip skater/surfer vibe - we ate tacos and drank beer while watching the pretty people walk by. Fabulous.
taco joint artwall
Capitol Kissers
colorful conversation
engagement ringforehead kisser
Lady Bird Johnson center
dog walkers