Lazy 5 Ranch visit

sweet zebraIn between the magazine being finalized, selling my home and moving into my new house I managed to meet up with Ev and Joanna and thieir chitlins for a trip to the Lazy Five Ranch - in Mooresville, NC. I've been begging Joanna to let me tag along with her for at least two years - because it really is an experience you want to share with people. Basically, you drive through a parklike setting, windows and (minivan) doors open and the animals COME UP TO YOU to get food. I was nose to nose with these AMAZING animals. It was one of the best days of my ENTIRE life. I fed zebras, highland cows, llamas and all sorts of smallish ostrich like creatures (evelyn says they were emus). If you have kids YOU HAVE TO GO.
sweet baby llama
hairy highland cow
sprial antlers
this guy was HILARIOUS. He chewed sideways and with much enthusiasm... looks like somebody needs a dentist.
dentist time