mostly cherries! fruit photography.

one of the things that i love about my new(old)house is the light. the light in the kitchen is dim but fabulous. the light in the sunroom/porch is perfectly diffused (because of the screens) - this lets me photograph items such as food, without much effort. and it makes me really happy. This image of summer cherries was taken on the porch. on my lime green wicker coffee table.cherry bowl
Dexter is my heroI call this image "sliced" - it reminds me of the tv show DEXTER, my favorite new serial killer. I am on episode 10 now. IT IS SO GOOD. I *heart* DEXTER.sliced
Here is proof that slippery hands mixed with gravity and lack of balance is NEVER good. it was either the fruit bowl or the camera that got dropped. Camera wins EVERY time.dropped fruit Hopefully a magazine like Food and Wine, Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, Real Simple (because i ADORE their photography) or Cottage Living will email me and say how much they adore my fruit photography and how they want me to shoot an article for them. I am totally ready!