uber modern house - product photography

Svan HighchairFriday, (my new assistant Alex and) I went to Raleigh for a photoshoot with Scandinavian Child - to shoot three products for thier new catalog. The Svan highchair, scooter and the baby bouncer. There were eight child models and a whole lot of reflective surfaces. Stuff that reflects is a photographers nightmare - (in this case, I had to be careful where I placed the strobe lights or they would literally be visible in the cabinets, the glass table or the mirror on the left wall). We shot for 4 hours in the most magnificently modern house. The kind of house you see in Dwell magazine (who I want to shoot for). kids on/with scooters
kitchen cabinets!
here are a few more interior shots. I loved loved loved this house!master seating area
master bath