sweet love (stop with the kissing)

engaged!I love shooting engagement sessions like this one a few weeks ago in Chapel Hill. Couples engaged to be married, all freshly in love and googoo-eyed, when the boy is still opening doors and the girl appreciates the gesture... it makes me miss those days, when love is young and not complicated by much, when two people live in the moment - and with Nina And Joon, their moments involve a lot of kissing. I mean these two can NOT keep their hands off each other. which really is so sweet. I am jealousBut, this session was a collection of semi-catastrophes. First, the UNC Botanical Gardens were under major construction, so two of my favorite natural areas were GONE. There are these HUGE rocks right as you come in - not this time. Vanished. AND my favorite pathway of wild flowers was also gone. PLUS, there were at least five large yellow metal earth movers and wayyyyyyyy too much yellow "under contstruction" tape strapped between trees. NOT-PHOTOGENIC.
And, since Nina had recently nearly broken her ankle she was sporting the most godawful black boot - which is why most of the photos shown (and taken) were from the waist up. I did have her remove it for a few - and Joon was nice enough to help her move without her crutches - SO the images without shoes weren't me getting creative and beachy, but just getting rid of the dark foot eyesore. So, this was session was challenging for me, and the couple, but these two didn't seem to notice since they were in their own happy world! Crutches and all.
more kissing