Craft Attack, 2008, official photographer

Hello, my name is Danielle, I am the official photographer today. That was my introduction to over 100 vendors on Saturday at Craft Attack - an art fair held in Charlotte with a smorgishborg of etsy artists. I got to capture it all. Officially. The good news for me is that I landed 14 new clients! I love etsy (THE website for handmade goodies like jewelry, art, photography, baby stuff).
This photo of earrings, bracelets and necklaces are from Betsy at The Foundling. I actually bought earrings from her two or so years ago at The Handmade Market, in Raleigh. Her stuff is just TOO cool.
Jennifer was kind enough to give me the toy on the left - isn't it cool? I really admire people who are creative by sewing. And I really wish I would learn to sew so I TOO could make stuff.
cool handmade stuffed toysOk, the lady behind Hardy Har Har was like a mad genius. She had names/stories for each one of her handmade characters. I wanted one of these guysbecause they were just SO DIFFERENT and hip and odd and fantastic, but decided to get this amazing orange and green scarf instead. GOD, i am boring. cool dudesThese beautiful necklaces (and an orange two layered fabulous necklace that I now proudly own) were handmade by Skivika:
These two necklaces I just knew would photograph well on the mossy rock wall - check out how the moss actually matches the greenish beading. necklaces by MorganI recognized these crocheted toys from the Charlotte Baby and Child gift photoshoot last April. Happy Whosits are super sweet! Whosits This jewelry (by Kim) was so amazing and colorful. I think she is known for her metal bangles pictured in the front. and beads by KimThis company name was "Two Women and a Saw" which is really similar to "two men and a truck". So, check out Chris and Peg's stuff at hanging art I snagged the coolest metal and jade flower ring for Joanna from Lori Mabe - and I loved this blue cameo necklace too. And last, but not least, my friend Rebecca - who told me about Craft Attack. More of her FABULOUS handmade bags (and her modeling isnt bad either) at bags are the best handmade handbags EVERThere was also one handmade soap and lotion vendor: (and lipbalm and muscle rub!)Faerie Made Soaps. They smelled soooo yummy - my favorite was the lavender rose. fancy soapsHere are two random photos I took, so interesting:buttonsjesus art