some friends LOVE me!

UPDATE: If you want to buy some burp cloths, check out Joanna's new etsy shop at fletcher jumps on the bedI just got back from visiting Joanna this weekend. I worked in Charlotte on Saturday and just made a weekend of it. Joanna LOVES me, my camera, and my insistance on photographing her house and her fabulous kid. Not all my friends/family enjoy the fact that I love to take pictures of their house, their stuff, their kids and pets, and pretty much everywhere we go (if it looks cool). One friend, who would kick my a$s if I blog her name, actually complained because she felt she needed to clean her house each time I visited - as my photos were "evidence of her lack of tidyness" - now that I think about it, i haven't been invited back in six months...) But not Joanna, she tells me HOW creative and wonderful I am every time I visit. Which is a win-win situation. And here is the evidence to prove it. Our trek to an antiques shop near Huntersville: I love how Fletcher matches the orange farm equipment!kid in orange, on orange farm equipmentSomething cool to note about crafty Joanna. She hand sews these cute baby (burp) cloths! Another noteworthy tidbit: she isn't afraid to ask an antiques shop owner if she could move their products across the property to shoot her product on it!!! pink burp cloths on flamingofences are perfect photographic propsThis is the antique's shop guard dog. Fletcher named him "Scottish" which i thought was adorable.guard dog on steps