so excited, So excited!

let me tell you what sucks. The fact that I know that the magazine is printed and headed to Charlotte to be distributed in a wide variety of stores is GREAT. I know. I know. But the fact that I have YET TO SEE a printed copy of said magazine - drives me absolutely nuts. Several of my photographs are featured in it including MY first fashion photoshoot, two birthday parties, a nursery, some stationery, Clarks shoes, two kids. it also features some sweet design that hopefully will make my parents feel good about the money spent on my graphic design degree. I am so excited, but I NEED to physically hold it, turn the pages and inspect the printing. However, this does not mean i'm not gonna post the photos! So here you go folks. Charlotte Baby & Child, November 2008. Beginning with the Table of Contents. All the photos are mine (except the cover thumbnail):My third birthday party printed. A Paris party. COOL CAKE!photo of birthday partyAnd now for a totally different kind of party - for a 5 year old girl who loves nature all things slimy and crawling! I really dig the design.turtles!Charlotte Nature Museum partyFashion Photographer? Me? Well, for kids anyway. I shot 30 outfits, and I think over 15 kids for fall fashion on a blazing hot day in September. The models were totally sweet about wearing jackets, tights and sweaters in less than fall-like conditions. Working with natural light outdoors is so different than studio light. It was an amazing experience and I cannot WAIT to do it again. Here is the first page (isn't she adorable?):delicious!fashion magazine spreadfashion magazine spreadi am so lucky to have shot this!Corey LOVED this cool shot of Fletcher for the raising boys article!super FletcherSo you can find the magazine at almost every pediatric office in Charlotte, plus Bellini, Alphabet Soup Gifts, Charlotte Nature Museum and Beaux Belly.