Not Sears Portrait center. I am nervous.

Today, I felt so NERVOUS. I had a baby portrait session for my cousin Stewart and his wife Tammy and their little boy. I have taken a few family photos including "nice shots" of my mom and dad (and their dogs) but those were informal pictures. I've never had a family member hire me to do portraits. And this fact made me worry all morning. Worry that my mom would be disappointed. Worried my Dad would think my shots were weird. Worried the rest of the family would peg me as A r t s y. I mean, I am not the Sears Portrait center, you know?closeup of kisses The session went so well - and I was worried for nothing. Jay got "naked as a jaybird" for me. You just cannot go wrong with a bare baby butt and a santa hat.naked santatop view, naked santaStewart and I grew up together - we learned to drive a stick shift at age 7, we climbed trees, searched for treasures, played checkers and ate pimento cheese sandwiches on hot afternoons. And now we are grown and he has a beautiful baby boy! Thanks for letting me take his picture, Stewart! Maybe our family won't say the pictures are too artsy!