wide awake, 2:42 am (again)

Insomnia: Seems that I have my days and my nights a bit mixed up - so here I am, unable to be productive at nearly 3 in the morning, but yet unable to fall asleep. I may have to self medicate - My brain is going nearly a mile a minute with thoughts of all the tasks I have to do this week: edit photographs, order prints, order christmas cards, take photographs (i have five sessions in the next three days + one reschedule...), design a wedding album and so on.
Unrelated topic: just in case you wonder what I do while waiting on a client: I photograph my house. First, my master bathroom.My Office: (i am so over this color - came with the house)freshly painted. Living Room:
I n e e d to go to sleep. Perhaps I will be able to soon. Either that OR me and Tylenol PM are going to have a long long talk.