my cousin's baby is growing (into a Tarheel fan)

UNC familyI adore my crazy family. My cousin Spencer and his wife are UNC fanatics. Clearly evident by the unc cheerleading uniform on thier daughter, Marissa. WHAT will they do if she turns into an avid Duke or State fan??? unc babyunc babyUNC baby I just love her variety of facial expressions. They are so cute that it makes me wish that I could hear her thoughts (unless she is thinking, 'wow, Danielle's hair looks appetizing' or, 'i hope Danielle holds me when I spit up my lunch') In this photo, I am sure she was thinking, 'my Dad is the coolest'.dad and daughter portrait Her Rock-n-Roll themed nursery. Spencer hired a local artist to modify album covers into nursery art. It is really hip and unusual, just like Spencer (who happens to be an insanely talented and creative writer). nurseryalbum covernursery details I am reposting this baby portrait taken of her in early December, just because I love the tutu and zebra together.rock and roll baby