Cage, 10 days old

newborn baby portraitTen days ago, I had the lucky/amazing experience of photographing a live birth. That baby boy, now named Cage Andrew, met me and my camera equipment again this morning. And He was delicious. His smiles turned me upside down on the inside. Babies are so fantastic in that way. A few of my favorite photographs:newborn baby portraitThe new house is amazingly modern and hip and I fell in LOVE with this white leather grommeted chair. So sleek, with its low arms and fab profile. And after rearranging the furniture a bit, I do like how these photos turned baby portrait Check him out! Reclining on his side, Mr. Hugh Hefner, like he is saying, "hey ladies, just give me a call". Already cool and hip, just like his mom. (Corey is the epitome of cool, naming her child "Cage"). Although, technically, I think it is a family name.