lifestyle photos, blog delay

portrait of mom and daughterI can actually blame part of my lack of blogging on my client Anna, who nonchalantly mentioned her addiction to the book Twilight (which I now personally know is a series of four books, all practically impossible to put down, even when you have work to do. Or taxes to attend to, or photographs of babies to process). Look how cute and innocent she is. Not knowing how her recommendation knocked me at least a week behind schedule! But, I totally forgive her, and can't wait till her baby girl Rowan is sitting up. I don't have the easiest time photographing babies before they can sit on their own. baby foot closeup photograph However, little boys are a sinch. Just put them on a swingset or any playing apparatus, and lay down on the ground and snap away! on the tireswing These two are my favorites of Henry who is completely well-mannered and polite. His expressions are priceless: In the first photo I asked just him if he liked my earrings. I think the question stumped him... portrait with red car