2,900 miles

Today is Sunday. The day after the day After tomorrow, we pack my ten year old Nissan and drive ALL the way across the United States (to my new home) to OREGON... And you might want to brace yourselves, because I have something to say about it.
Three years ago, my life felt like someone ELSE's life. Like I was watching it play from outside of myself. And although I was doing so well professionally, with the photography and the magazines, on the inside I was not. I yearned to simplify, to slow down, to breathe. I wanted a small zen garden and a smaller house and more quiet. AND I wanted to share true unshakeable love. The kind that keeps you in bed a few extra hours on Sunday morning, just to drink coffee, appreciate the company and read an actual paper. At that time, I had none of that.
So, a year and a half ago, decisions were made, husbands were left, a big house on a golf course was exchanged for an older smaller house, babies were still photographed, life was simpler, and I took the time to learn how to be alone and be quiet. It took almost a year and alot of Eckart Tolle, my friends Joanna, Evelyn and Carlotta, Edie (my massage therapist/psychotherapist), to talk it out, sit with it, and be ok WHO I really am: A happy, simple, sarcastic, ambitious, writer, photographer, dirty story teller, partier, shy, witty, open, honest, often tactless, in love woman who is completely ready to start this chapter of her life. It will be 2,900 miles from where I am today. And, that too, is ok. But I have some THANKING to do before I leave NC. Here goes.

1. Facebook. It suggested I "friend" Dan.
2. Dan, for having incredible timing. And for not finding me any earlier.
3. Mom, for calling. For helping. And for saying the right things.
4. Dad, for being worried and scared for me. And Not saying it.
5. Corey, for being a true friend and for employing me for the last 6 years. For understanding. For free photography marketing and business advice. And for letting me photograph your beautiful children AND paying me for it.
6. For the 1000ish people who read my blog everyday, all over the world, it shocks me when I see the numbers. I just wish you would comment more.
7. For every client that trusted me to take photos of you or your children.
8. For the mysterious person who continues to mow my grass and blow pine cones off my roof
9. For the 74 happy encouraging awesome (facebook) comments on my A to B post
10. God, or the higher power. For waking me up, and letting me rise out of the nasty funk I was in, to live the new life I'd wanted for 3 years. I had Wallowed in rock bottom for way too long. So thank you #10 for helping me climb out.

I am ready. I look forward to each of the 2,900 miles. I plan on taking in as much as I can, along the way, photographing what strikes me, stopping and staring if I need to. And when I get to my new home this coming Sunday, I plan on staying in bed too long and drinking some coffee...