Dan and Danielle. From A to B.

The first boy I ever loved, (20 years ago) professed his lifelong love for me. Many emails and phone conversations later, we agreed to meet in NC.
He lives in oregon and has a phd in trees.
I have always had a soft spot for the insanely smart.
His soft spot is for "creative, passionate, suprising and a little crazy"

Face to face. Instant love and peace and butterflies
We spent 3 days together
He left. I put my house on the market.

My 6 day Oregon trip got extended to 11 days.
My house sold on the second day of that trip.
Together, we saw trees and the coast and birds and barns and cows and sheep.
We looked for a space for me to set up a REAL photography studio.

I met his friends.

We held hands.
in public.
he sang with his guitar.
We reminisced about the old days and smiled on the ones to come.
We feel insanely lucky.

Logisitical issues.
I have two weeks to let go of any possession I don't want.
I have photoshoots in Phoenix, Greensboro, Raleigh and Wilson before I go.

I need to get from point A to point B
BUT who can complain when your house sells in 3 days and it is the only obstacle between where you Are and where you want to Be?

so I am rolling with it.
So, here I am, only a few weeks left in North Carolina. About to move myself and my business and my dog to Oregon. A town called Corvallis. It's a bit like Boone, but bigger. There is greenness and trees and flowers everywhere. And I just love it.

Ahhhh. Our Sweet Prom Photo (ages 15 & 16)sweet prom photo.Us now. Ages, um, slightly older...cuteness