benefits of loving a tree scientist

Remember when I discovered those odd spikey green objects in my yard last fall (in NC)? A devout blog reader informed me they are the (lovely) product of a sugar gum tree... well, guess what, sugar gum droppings are lining the roads here in Oregon too. And Dan says that they were brought here ON PURPOSE, which I totally don't get. Ok, I understand bringing up the Southern Magnolia tree (with its sweet lemony floral deliciousness), but these things HURT if you step on the dried up versions. ouch.
On another note, I have my first portrait session (in Oregon) tomorrow morning. And I am going to overachieve, because this family has FOUR children.
Also, my house in NC sells tomorrow am. Fingers Crossed.
it is never too early: I have no reason for posting the following baby photo, except that I am already thinking of gifts and cakes I would like for My birthday; September 2. mmmm cake.