dang, that is cute!

Ok, so one of the benefits of being a photographer that specializes in products for children is getting to work with REALLY cute kid models. This week, I am working for Lollipop Rascals, an online store that sells "storybook adventures" (basically, giftsets that carry the theme of a particular book). There are a range of adventures, including the "be an actress" set below, which include costumes (and tiaras)! (This costume included a witch hat, but I never mastered how to keep it on her head AND keep her happy...) I just LOVE her big toe and BIG black flower in her blonde hair in this shot!it's me dress up gift setMy job is to photograph the child enjoying the books/toys and show as much of the product as possible (without it looking hokey or staged). This is especially easy if the child LIKES the toy (Miss A, really LOVED this two sided doll and the book). Miss Mia, below, LOVES to read (evidently about Mexico) so she never even looked at the camera... she just kept turning pages. which was perfect.Mexico gift setSidenote: this little green alien (of the alien adventure set) nearly met his dimise (about two hours before the shoot) when Marvin yanked him out of the hall closet by his neck and toted him to the couch (since it is stuffed, I suppose Marvin assumed it was HIS for the taking)... the beloved green alienBoth moms liked the convenience of a complete gift set, so I recommend my client's site as an easy way to give a REALLY cool birthday present. AND each set is delivered already gift wrapped with tons of ribbon and colored raffia (Nancy, the owner, assembles them by hand...) VERY COOL.opening presentFinally, here are some outtakes from our photoshoots. T hese photos, are product free, full of personality and DANG, they are cute! Thanks to my awesome models Miss A and Mia! swingsetmom making her laughfrown and smile!