Bar Mitzvah Photographer ?!?

before bar mitzvah ceremonyMost of the time, I photograph babies, adults, products (furniture, shoes, toys) and pets. I have photographed a live birth and do (at most) six weddings per year. So, when I was asked by a good friend in Chapel Hill to photograph her son's Bar Mitzvah, I was surprised because live events are not my specialty. I have NEVER shot anything like that (technically, I hadn't even been inside a synagogue). But I absolutely wanted to do sneaks a smoochsmilingThe food was absolutely amazing. Daisy Cakes did the sweets table and I loved shooting such delicious looking (and tasting) desserts.reception sweets table photographsweets tableOne of my most memorable moments from this event was being the only person present when the rabbi blessed Ben before his ceremony. Since photographers are not allowed in the sanctuary, she let me get these few shots, of him practicing and being blessed.blessingpracticing