happy times for me (and Dan)

I have a very happy announcement. I wanted to wait to post this, to build excitement & intrigue, but I just can't stand it, I am just too thrilled to wait...

Dan asked me to marry him. On one knee. And after I caught my breath, I knelt down too, cried all over the place, smooched his sweet perfect lips and smiled out "yes, of course" and we hugged and grinned at each other and then hugged some more.

He proposed in a romantic and completely unexpected way: After we had cooked dinner and were dressed for bed & playing scrabble (I was sporting one of his dress shirts with yoga pants technically), he asked me to dance (a song called "will you dance with me Molly"). This isn't atypical for us, we dance round the house quite a bit, but it felt wedding-reception like to me, which made me a little teary with happiness, and he mentioned that he might want to play this song at our wedding. And, I didn't think much of that either, since we've been shopping for rings, talking of possible wedding dates and venues, etc. We've been to too many jewelry stores and haven't found the right ring yet because it must feel artsy and custom (and not flashy).

So, I sat down to continue with our scrabble match, and he came into the living room and asked me to stand. OK. Then BAM. Down he went. Onto his left knee. In blue striped pants and a white tee shirt. (
I needed a tape recorder, because I don't exactly remember what he said) I am pretty sure it was something like "Danielle, (long pause while taking my left hand) will you marry me"?

Then he stammered something about the temporary ring he'd gotten for me on his last Leaf Science trip to NC, and how he could NOT WAIT to propose until after my real engagement ring was designed/bought... So now, I am wearing a shiny squarish band. BECAUSE I AM ENGAGED.

life is good.

I facebooked this information about five hours ago and we already have 58 responses! Here are a few of the comments so far (which make me incredibly happy).
  • Congratulations! I am over the moon happy for you!!!!
  • Danielle!!! That is such exciting news :)
  • YAYAYAYAYAYAYA... OMG Awesome news!!! Congrats guys... I am super happy for both of you... Pics? xoxo..
  • WHAT!!!! C-0-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S - when is the wedding?
  • Congrats ya'll - clearly a North Carolinian wrote that
  • I am so super excited for you two... what a cool love story. I bet NPR's This American Life would do a segment featuring you guys!
  • You look so happy in your pictures. I'm glad Dan has put a smile on your face.
  • Your Dad is pretty excited about his new fishing buddy - my mom!

    and my favorite so far:
  • I knew that Danny was smart--he just proved it! - from Mrs. Necessary, our math teacher in 7th grade!

So there it is. Happy us.