happy drooling snow white(s)

My client Ericka (whose daughter has now been photographed by me, six times, even though she is only six months old...) is nuts, & I mean nuts in a "you is awesome" kind of way. When Ericka got wind that I was flying to NC to do portraits, she begged me for an appointment (literally). Ericka p r e p a r e s for a portrait session. I love working with her, especially when she does things such as getting matching snow white outfits for baby and (Boston Terrier) Jasmine. She is the mom who wore high HIGH heels at eight months pregnant (so that her legs would look LONG and great)... and she brought 17 outfits to her newborn's first portrait session (which I shot mostly naked)!baby laughing with dogserious snow whitesLet me tell you how much I love photographing tutus - they rock. Tutus might just be THE cutest little girl things ever...I just LOVE how fluffy this orange and black one is. And, Ericka ordered special bloomers embroidered on the bottom with the wordsTrick or Treat. Treat indeed. baby in tutuThanks Ericka, my dear. Portrait sessions with you are always fun. So keep in mind (hint, hint), I visit North Carolina every other month... Update: I just edited this shot (in black and white) and I really REALLY love it. Maybe even better than the color version. What do you think?