super blonde Mr. G

I just want to say thanks to my North Carolina clients. Like the parents of MR. G. Just like when he was six months old, Mr. G is really fun to photograph - mostly because he is sweet and makes crazy facial expressions. The color photo below was taken about five minutes after we started our session and I was literally two feet from him asking him if he would look at the camera. And he said no. So, I asked him to show me his pouty lips. HE DID!super poochy lipsMr. G reminded me of a Sears flyer or Lands End catalog model taking off his sunglasses. I asked him to point at his watch (and gaze off to the left while arching his eyebrow) for me, but that puzzled him. I suppose 3 year olds do not wear modelI love my NC clients. For being awesome and fun and easy EASY to work with!with Dad