a little bit of North Carolina.

Even dinner is a funny time with friends Tonya, baby Liam and Angela. Hilarious.This is me, photographing Dawn's dresser mirror. Because I gave her that postcard - twenty years ago.
I spent last week all over North Cakalakey - my friend Evelyn was turning 29 again, which we had to celebrate. I got to see lots of friends and family, which was good because I had not seen many of them since last year. My aunt JoAnn has been in intensive care in the hospital since January, and I really wanted to see her. I also got to see my dear friend Joy, her family. They were the first folks I photographed Friday.
This is super cute Max. Super yummy funny expression baby!This is Little miss F and her big blue eyes.And mr. G who must have been a model in a past life, because I asked him to walk down the road and then turn and look at me. And he did. Just like that.
I will post more later.