a little about (me &) Dan

pesto pizza eaterDan and I have been vegetarian for the past two months. I have been mostly Vegan. Which means for 95% of the time, I eat vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts and DO NOT eat meat, dairy or egg products. I believe that I need to do this to not feel like a slug (and I think most animals are cute). I FEEL better when I do not eat crap. Dan feels hungry. So, we are compromising and I am cooking up seriously delicious stuff - Like the basil pesto pizza above (i made the pesto by myself!). Super yum. And this eggplant caponata below.I have also been tinkering with the mandolin for several months. Just a little at a time. Dan backs me up on guitar when I play the two songs I can get through without cursing: America the Beautiful and Amazing Grace. (it is just wrong to cuss while playing church songs)boy and his dogmandolin rockerI tried to play the fiddle for a couple of months, but they are FREAKIN expensive. The little student rental I used was pitiful. I want a real fiddle. Till then, I will happily learn a new mandolin song a month and one day I will be able to strum along with Dan, without swearing.
Dan brings me flowers. ALOT.
Dan sits with Marvin. ALOT.
Dan wants me to run with him. But I am not a runner (yet) so I go and walk instead. He bought me some shoes. it is really nice to have a pair that are NOT six years old. These are the best shoes ever! They are bouncy and lite and COOL.

I am really enjoying how my life is shifting. Playing music. Cooking. Watching less TV. getting outside. working reasonable hours. It is good. and I love me some Dan. Can you tell?