so lucky

After driving for hours and hours, I stopped on the side of the road and looked for four leaf clovers. I found 8 in about 5 minutes. It is a weird talent I have had since I can remember. Dan took this photo with my iPhone.
I am loving taking photographs with my phone. These are taken with the Hipstamatic app. am able to change the film and lens for all sorts different visual effects. This shot above & below were taken at Yellowstone. Graffiti on a shed. LOVE it. Not real sure what it says or means. but the colors are cool.
My three handsome boys on a walk. LOVE the rays of light and the massive exaggerated shadows.
This is a proud moment. The lowest CD on the left (under Jazz & Blues) features photographs of saxophonist Dave Cudo that I took last fall. I found this in a local bookstore and was a complete dork and photographed it! This is the second CD featuring photos that I have taken! Maybe one day I can photograph Dan and his famous band. Or me and mine.