eco-friendly me!

dan and I joke sometimes about how we 'save the earff" because being super friendly to the planet is important to us (although we don't hesitate to make fun of folks who take it too seriously). Way back 5 years ago, when I started Danielle Anthony Photography, I wanted to make earth friendly buying decisions. I struggled with buying huge rolls of paper and technology that might not be ethically produced. I did, however, choose organic fabric backdrops and shopped locally when I could. I bought only recyclable batteries. I recycled. I thought about the things I bought. I get to do it all over again, in Athens, Ohio, in four weeks. THE DECISIONS of setting up a studio seem endless. Here is what I want to do (with my business):
  • Be 100% digital: this means no used film cans, film and toxic chemicals in the trash (not to mention all the water and electricity in developing film)
  • Provide the option for paper proofs (versus online portrait proofs)
  • Minimize water waste with efficient toilets, washer, dishwasher, and faucet regulators
  • Only buy recycled printer paper, recycled backdrop paper, thank you cards, envelopes and packaging for my albums
  • Install only compact fluorescent bulbs, use recyclable batteries only
  • Recycling all office trash
  • Take old ink cartridges to Staples
At Home, we will
  • Recycle as much trash as possible
  • Limit our unnecessary consumables
  • Creating a garden with a compost bin (this will reduce our trash that goes to landfill considerably)
  • Buy local produce and goods
What else do you suggest I do to be eco-friendly?