childhood friends (with babies)

I spent this weekend in North Carolina, visiting my parents (15 months is a really long time to not see your parental units), 2 of my bestest friends Carlotta and Corey. And, also, to do a few portrait sessions, including my first session which was 4 hours early (due to an impending rain storm).My goal was to create artsy, country, city, maybe even wacky family portraits for my dear childhood friend Allison and her (awesomely swedish) husband. THE star of the show was their newest addition, baby girl Kysa. I nicknamed her Wondercheeks!i love ny babyLook at her rock out this Ed Hardy hat with additude. So citified.She is Deliciousness in a 5 month body. she loves New York. She also is fascinated with her french bulldog, Lexie. If I had a beautiful baby AND a white frenchie, I would want this print. HUGE. in my kitchen. Like, 5 feet tall. yummmmmm.I love this patriotic portrait of Lexie below (who also has some wonderful cheeks). I has always wanted a frenchie, and she made me want one even more. she was loving and calm and obedient. (Frederic was to my left feeding her lamb treats) Mostly I just love those ears and how properly she sits. Regal.
Thank you Allison for driving SO far to let me photograph your family. And thanks to your mom for sending me on my way with fresh strawberry lemonade and APPLE cake. I shamelessly ate it in the car, with my hands!