the purple bungalow

in three weeks, my dear Dan and I are buying THE tiny purple bungalow!
And, once again, I am up late, looking at blogs, gathering ideas, moving my imaginary furniture around my almost moved in home, considering learning to sew, thinking of linoleum floors, kitchen knobs and paint schemes. Would it be TOO crazy to paint the wood floors? Is there a way to hang the guitars safely? Will Rebecca's antique desk fit in the second bedroom/office? What kind of wallpaper do I want for my office? Could I put it on the ceiling and paint the walls instead? metallic pink? ahhhhhhhh. that would be beautiful.
So many things to be excited about! Like drywalling the second garage for me - a photo studio on my own property. We must FIX the bathtub situation (there is major water damage behind the tile). So, do we just do a patch job? or do I find a clawfoot tub and make that dream happen???
a clawfoot tub
22 days and counting.