Dear Dan

love of my lifeMy dearest Dan,

Almost two years ago, I was living in Durham, NC minding my own business, and you popped up on Facebook. I emailed you INSTANTLY, full of excitement, thinking of this boy that I had loved SO many years ago. You responded with unexpected wit and balance and charm and I knew that I wanted you in my life. How many hours did we talk on the phone over that winter? You do not know how much time I spent checking my email and instant messages and re-reading all of our conversations. I forwarded your romantic messages to my best girlfriends and we ooohed and ahhhed over them like schoolgirls.

I am so glad I moved to Oregon that following May. And that I said yes to your marriage proposal. I believe you are the dreamiest, yummyest, most delicious man on the planet. I loved you at sixteen and I adore you even more, 20 years later.

Dan, I am so happy that I make your heart warm. It makes me smile thinking about it. I love you sweetheart. I am incredibly happy.