just writing

update: we made an offer on the house!!!

Dan and I took our time and looked at every nook and cranny. The basement is better than I remembered. The kitchen needs a new floor. The bedrooms are tiny. BUT, we just love it.


i have insomnia.

i thought that writing might help me think through it so I can go to sleep.

last friday, I fell in love with a bungalow. 12 hours later, before Dan and I could take a second look, someone bought it. Someone ELSE staked claim to (MY) house:

the 2 shades of purple house, with the uber retro red and white kitchen, 1 bath, tiny 2 bedroom. Complete with dark hardwood floors, clean lines, high ceilings and full of peaceful space. The long thin backyard full of garden and flowers. The house affectionately sharing its space with a separate 2 car garage - which could be a lovely photography studio for me, on one side and a music room for Dan on the other.

unexpectedly, tonight, around 9, our realtor emailed me and said that she was back on the market.
the lovely tiny purple house. waiting for me.
and my mind cannot stop thinking about my possible new home. i have since looked at realtor.com twenty times and since there is only one photo, i have remembered every interior detail in my head:
  • the grout that needs cleaning.
  • the funky red kitchen cabinet pulls.
  • the dining room arrangement possibilities: where I placed our record player and stereo
  • which colors I could paint the ceilings in the bedrooms.
  • how i did NOT remove the wallpaper in the office area. (it is all kinds of country cottage, but i love it. in an anthropologie/grandma sort of way)
  • gutting the bathroom.
  • changing my mind and leaving the bathroom, but changing the 2 sconces.
  • lemon oiling the floors.
  • loving the two porches. the front for watching dog walkers. the back porch for eating brunch and reading.
  • adding a ceiling fan to both porches.
  • exactly where to put onions, lettuce, spinach, basil and tomatoes.
  • drywalling the studio. CREATING a studio. adding windows to the studio.
  • figuring out how to add a dishwasher.
trying not to get excited is impossible.
we are going tomorrow morning, first thing to look at it. I am going to critique my little purple love and make sure it isn't the devil in a purple dress. we might buy a house! we might find a home. it might be purple. fingers crossed.
just writing helped.