offer accepted!

The purple house on S May Street, MAY be ours! The owner accepted our offer Sunday. Today, we are going to the bank (it feels so intimate for strangers to know all your financial business?). Tomorrow, we are meeting the house inspector to scrutinize every little purple inch of the house and garage. I am arming myself with a camera and a measuring tape. For the life of me, I cannot remember where the kitchen sink is. Neither can dan. Since we are already making decisions about what to DO once we move in, we have started a list of priorities, trying to break it into what do we NEED versus, what do we/ (or I) just WANT:

My first pass at the NEEDs:
  • New toilet seat: I just do not believe in sitting on anyone else's toilet.
  • complete the fence. We need gates at the back and side. I think there is about 10-15 feet needed on the side to keep Marvin and Samson contained.
  • MY studio: drywall and white paint. It is already wired for electricity, so I just need to ensure there are outlets on both sides and in the back of the room. anyone want to help me and dan put up drywall???
  • new kitchen floor (currently it is a sad, old, ripped, ugly linoleum)
our WANTs:
  • sleek kitchen faucet (with the pull out sprayer)
  • new dining room light (i like this one)
  • bathroom: faucets, wall sconces, paint. The current situation is so straight out of the sixties, and not in a good way. This might be dire enough to be moved to the NEEDs.
  • Wallpaper removal in hall and bedroom. neither are Gross. But they are both a tiny bit laura engalls.
  • eradicating the enormous painted purple horse mural on the garage. NOPE, I am not kidding (I will take a photo of it tomorrow). There are 4 rainbow-colored horses galloping down the entire yard side of the garage. I asked the owner what had inspired her to paint that (imagining a 2-day hippie drug-induced lapse in judgement), and she said while on vacation, her best friends unexpectedly painted it to her. I think I just said wow. Or something very nice. Because this clearly made her happy. FOR THE RECORD, I prefer forewarning of such awesome acts of kindness and creativity.
  • Bedroom lights. Painting the bedroom ceilings a great color. Or grey. I am in a grey phase.
  • Painting every closet interior stark white. (might be a NEED).
  • Gutting the bathroom. Maybe adding a clawfoot tub.
  • Creating a cedar lined closet for winter clothes, in the basement.
  • A front porch swing - with a stylish cushion.
  • Expanding the back porch/stoop!
Did you notice repainting the house is not on either list? We like it. Our very own purple house. Yay for us!