loving family. with baby.

i think babies are the BEST. Looooooooooooove them. Why? Mostly, I love when my current clients have NEW babies and need me to photograph them. yay.
  • First, they are almost always happy.
  • Second, they smell good (kinda like puppies, who have this breath that is intoxicating...)
  • Third, I adore how peaceful they are, especially when they are asleep.
  • Fourth, I seriously love their cooing and their smiles.
  • Lastly, Babies cannot run away from me like a toddler can.
And grandparents might be my most favorite. they are just so happy to have babies in their arms! (even if they are crying).
So thanks, Anh for having a new baby for me to visit, photograph, hold, and play with. It makes my job SO much fun.