up before dawn

we are moved in and so happy and excited to be in our new/old home. Yesterday, between trips of boxes and furniture, Dan and I walked through OUR backyard and concocted grand plans of where to plant our garlic & onions. We (mentally) removed a few bushes and one tree. It was so incredibly fun. I cut flowers for the kitchen while our neighbor Buzz (what a cool name) was painting his fence. The seller left several beautiful rocks (one pink quartz) and such a small thing made me happy.

Inside, we have a calm chaos. Boxes are neatly stacked in each room. The kitchen is getting thorough cleaning and a new faucet and a rug today. The dining room is going to sit furniture-less for a while, until I find a rectangular dining table and an assortment of non-matching chairs. I want them to all be different colors and country. We need a different light. The current chandelier is super Macintosh and just wrong for us. We are painting it white and olive green with a tangerine ceiling!!! It sounds a tad bit army, I know, but it will look great. Color on the ceiling is one of my most favorite things and for the center of the house, I think it will be superb. Our bedroom just needs a closet reconfiguration. It has dusty blue walls and the original wood windows and doors and is perfect.

However, my office is a hot countryass mess of to-dos. The Laura Engals blue & pink floral wallpaper is going to lovingly get ripped down. My antique desk may or may not fit through the door. The ceiling needs serious repair. Fun. I will have to set up shop in the dining room until all that work is done.

And the bathroom... The shower is currently leaking onto the dryer downstairs... SO, that MUST be fixed this week. The entire bathroom needs serious love. And an exhaust fan. And a non-dingy floor. I want yummy honeycomb white and black tiles. I did already get a new toilet seat and sink faucet. Hopefully, Dan can switch those out today. Meanwhile, I'll be cleaning the floors and baseboards, filling wall holes/cracks, washing curtains, removing blinds, and kilzing the ceilings. Homeownership feels So good. Yay.