friends, their kids, and spies

This young man is Fletcher. I have photographed him for more or less five years now. Since before he was talking. Which is nuts to me. He is a scientist, an inventor, a fantastic play pretender, a chef, an understated comedian, an excellent shopping companion and a deep thinker. I love the quiet photos of him, like below.And of course, I adore the photograph below, where I asked him to make me laugh. So, when he stuck his fingers in his nose, I laughed, snapped the photo and his mother was horrified. But, anything is ok with me. Because this photograph really makes me giggle; who gives a crap that it is not proper.
Here, Fletcher is hiding from me, using his best spy moves. We talked alot about the business of being a spy. Did you know there is a spy museum in Washington DC? There is.
And here is my dear friend Joanna, the mom of this wonder kid. She is pretty much my best friend, although we do not nearly get to spend enough time together. I adore her. I wonder if she knows?
So, back to Fletcher. This is my favorite photograph taken during our session. His expression is so cute. So calm. So six years old. I am showing the image as I photographed it below.
And where I have cropped closer to his face. I think I like the cropped one better, maybe because all the wall graphics are too distracting.
What do you think?