conversations with boys

Boys. They can be interesting little creatures. And when they are super polite and quiet, I am not quite sure what to do with them - to get them to open up and giggle and be all "yay, photo time". This little one is quiet, pondering type. He contemplates answers to all questions. And he loves his dog Lucy.
Once I figured out he had things to say about Lucy and Star Wars, I was good to go. We talked about the new Star Wars characters and the starships, sabers and other weapons. He let me know he knew how to take pictures with phones. AND SURE ENOUGH, he took my iPhone, found the camera app and VOILA, photographed his parents!
Below, is my MOST favoritest photo from the bunch. I just love it. He was showing me some star wars moves! How awesome is that?I wish I would have known how to get quiet children to talk to me five years ago when I started photographing children. Who knew it was as simple as Star Wars?