roosters and flowers

I really want a big mexican rooster sculpture, like the one in the background in this photo. I mean I REALLY want one. A 4 foot tall one, Maybe one like these two: I think it would be the cookiest, but lovliest thing to have in my back yard. And I want a big one. I have wanted one since I saw one in Deborah Triplets photo studio (charlotte photog who rocks) Cool things in the background can really make a photo. Even if it is just color and structure, like in the two diptychs below.And, here is one background and photo that didn't work out so well. because the lighting was wrong, and there was not too much I could do to correct it, unless I had a team of folks to hold a 30 foot diffuser for me... but I like the idea. And little Miss R's expression. H looks like he is too cool for school.