life update

Where did November go? I feel like time is going by so incredibly fast, like I have been sleeping for a couple months, and woke up to fast forward and winter. Ohio is colder than I expected - I am drinking hot chocolate and walking around in wool socks. DAILY.
Running: Dan and I are continuing to run with Marvin, and now I know that I need gloves. When some of this dang weight (which I attribute/blame on moving behind a bakery) comes off, I am going to get some of those skin tight running pants. I look forward to it! I have many a pound to go before I can do that without apologizing to anyone who glances in the direction of my derriere. I can now run 30 minutes straight. I never thought that would happen! and I feel like an actual runner.
House: We are working on it every day; Painting. Cleaning. Rearranging. The bathroom continues to be a disaster. We will have to pull out the shower tiles, replace the board behind them, then retile. The entire bathroom needs to be updated, so we are stalled on the project. This weekend we are bring back some of Dan's furniture (which is currently stored in his parent's living room). I do not like any of it. There I said it. I have to live with an enormous recliner that he loves. I do look forward to having an actual headboard, though, even if it is not one acquired just for us (it was his parents, and so old that his brother teethed on it). It is pretty and will make me feel like not such a hobo.
Living in Town: Our house's location is perfect. I can walk to the library and the post office. Kroger, CVS, the bakery and our bank are less than a mile away. Dan and I walk to the bakery for breakfast. I wanted to I could bike to them (because there is a paved path around the entire town). I want a bicycle - with a large cute basket on the front. With tassels out the side of the handlebars. Our neighbors to the right are Buzz and Lita. They are nice older couple,who are terrified Marvin is going to kill their cats. Which is possible. He has decapitated TWO squirrels. The folks to our right are also incredibly nice. They brought us chocolate covered peanuts when we moved in.
Photography Business: I turned down the studio space in town I had been eyeing between the fancy wine store Bella Vino (where all of the staff know me and Dan by name...) and the hippy grocery (that I love) The Farmacy. The ceilings were just NOT tall enough, but I am going to rent the window space, because it rocks, and display some LARGE photos. Instead of having a dedicated space, I am going to rent two spaces by the day. The Dairy Barn, which is so bad ass and awesome, I cannot stand it. AND the Eclipse Company Store, which has a HUGE space just for me, and super cool. I am continuing to go to NC twice a month to shoot.