4 months, 3 days pregnant.

I am happy to report that the pregnancy is happily moving along. I finally feel good. No nausea. But I am requiring 9 to 12 hours sleep a night (a nap between 2:30 & 4 is pretty normal during the week). I do yoga 3-4 times per week, mostly because my appetite is ferocious. This weeks bad food tally is: 3 jumbo cinnamon rolls, 3 pints of chocolate ice cream, too many to count suckers & 2 packages of (natural) fudge stripe cookies. The bump is definitely visible.
I have been dying to know the gender, because if it's a boy, I was planning for the baby room colors to be orange, baby blue, brown and white. And if it is a girl, I was going to use the awesomely pink,red and flowery linens from our wedding for curtains, crib bedding, etc. We found out big news Tuesday: the baby has a penis! I have been frantically looking for crib bedding that features orange and baby blue but doesn't scream NURSERY. It is difficult. I do not want it to be matchy-matchy.
Here are some of my most favorite nursery ideas, all images from Flickr. First, I love the crazy bold striped ceiling. I would NEVER do it, but it is awesome.
Totally opposite, I love the neutral and brown/white nursery below. Although I would prefer a pop of color on the floor. Maybe a huge orange and white striped rug? Maybe a circular orange shag rug?
Below, I love the gray/blue wall color, the art, the mobile AND especially the homemade orange book sling near the floor. Awesome.
lucia's room5
I might love the color scheme below even more. I would like more brown things for a boys room, but the orange and baby blue together are GORGEOUS. And the texture of that rocker fabric is perfection. I love it. Everly's Nursery