Marvin the terrible/great

Marvin must know I am pregnant. He has NOT left my side - especially since Dan has been in Panama. He loves to sleep in the bed with me, which has great since he's a 35 pound heater. He spoons my low back and it feels REALLY good. Is that gross? Is it possible Marvin knows that I need him, 1. because I miss Dan and 2. because he is an economical heat source?

On the other hand: He hates me leaving him at home alone and is acting out, like a dang toddler. Today, I came home from a 3 hour photo gig, to find Marvin had strewn a package of chili powder all over the kitchen floor. The white kitchen floor. Yesterday, he illustrated his lack of appreciation of being left alone, by decorating the dining, living and bathroom with an entire box of black garbage bags. He didn't chew or tear any of them, but still... Pain. In. the. Ass.

I'm thinking he was proud of himself, because I found him, waiting for me, on my freshly made bed. Wallowed in the pillows. Without a care in the world. I could have sworn I shut the bedroom door. Thank goodness Dan is home in three days. Somebody needs to go for a long long run.