my office/dining; after/before

My new office/dining room after:Here is the space Before:This is my office and eventually, dining room (we just need to find a LONG rectangular artsy chunky table and perfectly mismatched chairs). I left one day and asked Dan to paint two of the walls. I came home to a full room of green. AND... I love that all four walls are olive green. This space is the center of our house, and you have to walk through it to get to EVERY room, so it is pretty important. I just love it. I tried to make it feel personal, and cool. Like this little space above the music bookcase. From the left, A crate from our wedding party holds: the first card Dan gave me, a doorknob from our first rental in Oregon (it was broken before I took it I promise), an owl Joanna gave me, our prom photo (from 20 years ago), and a photograph of my grandfather, who I never met, who I am told was an incredibly snazzy dresser.
This color makes the space feel earthy and cozy. The curtains (from Ikea) and a new light (from Lowe's) update the room have more - in comparison to the before photos. I wonder, Do we need a rug?
This hanging terrarium is my most favorite Christmas present from Dan's mom, Carol. I look at it every day, and those tiny plants and rocks make me happy. If I had the guts, and Dan's guts too, I would paint the ceiling metallic tangerine. Maybe even stripes. Because I love orange and green together.
I heart the green glass bird. I bought it in uptown Athens, just because.
Here is what the my desk looked a week after we first moved in. Crazy messy. And what is with the desk on a diagonal? I didn't want to face the wall, because of fun shui, but dang, that is some serious clutter.
Nursery: In case you are wondering why we tackled the dining room before the baby room, the reason is: Just because the room was driving us both nuts. The baby room is next. Currently there is a big pile of baby stuff shoved against all four walls and some NASTY wallpaper still needing to be removed. My friend Joy is helping me with the room, and we decided that the color scheme is orange, brown, baby blue and white. Last week, I found an awesome twin bed, for me, and we are picking up the crib (from my dear friend Corey) in three weeks. I think once I see the crib and the bed in place, I will be able to make more decisions about color, bedding, decoration, etc. Yay. I promise to post photos, once some changes occur.