21 weeks, no chicken yet

Crazy week: I self-hypnotized myself through a root canal while Dan did all kinds of tree science and preparations for classes starting next week at OU. Tonight was the first night we could do my 20ish week portrait. Before dinner, we went to uptown Athens, and Dan got some cool photos of me. I am 20 weeks, 5 days; OVER halfway there!!!
what's going on with the baby. During our ultrasound this week, we discovered our baby is still a boy. Dan loved seeing him squirm and kick and jump. His spine, leg bones and skull are visible. He has BIG feet and his nose is still large. He has great lips that look like my moms. Which is good, because she has beautiful lips. He weighs 10 oz which is perfect. According to my doc, I am too perfect with all my numbers. He kicks me and I can feel his hiccups (which is just the COOLEST, weirdest feeling, and tends to only happen at 3 am). I feel like my whole life is shifting and i am more concerned with what to find/buy for the baby than I am for myself.
Next portrait? So, I really wanted to incorporate a chicken into my 20 week portrait last week. My vision was me looking quite artsy and maybe a bit odd. But last Friday was rainy and cold and I just wasn't in the mood to go to my friends farm and pose with some poultry. I still love the idea, so my 24 week portrait will absolutely incorporate some farm animals. I promise.
Books: I am loving searching/picking out books for the baby. Our favorites are vintage books, like we read when we were small (36 years ago...) and we look on Etsy and Ebay and Amazon for cool retro books ALL THE TIME. Dan snuck these photos of me reading a Dr. Suess book I have never seen. I am going to put these photos in the baby book (i have yet to construct) so our boy can know that I loved him even before he was born.
Photography: I have seven shoots in the next 10 days. EEKS. And an incredibly full April. I am so happy to be working again, the winter and all of the snow really slowed me down. Tomorrow I get to shoot two high school seniors (who are sweethearts, which of course, I love). Yay for good warm weather and daylight til 7:30. Happy spring!