baby stuff

Happily humming along at 23 weeks pregnant, I realized this week that the baby could be here as early as July 1 (if he came a month early). Maybe he could arrive July 3rd on my brother's birthday. Or the 25th, which Dad's birthday. If he decides to come July 1, we will be in NC, and July 8, we will be in St. Louis (or maybe just Dan will be, because I am not sure I am up for a 7 hour road trip at 37 weeks pregnant, IN hotass JULY). But, whenever he comes, I am ready!
Yes, we still need a car seat (thanks Joy) and more cloth diapers, a crib/cosleeper (thanks Corey and Joanna) washcloths, bottles and the few odds and ends I have no idea yet I need (like baby changing covers and multiple items to wipe poo, drool, pee, etc). We have a baby shower planned that is all about vintage books that I am super excited about. And I think my friend Joy is throwing a green (meaning hand me downs!) shower in July, which is so awesome. Moms will know what I need. And both showers will be gentle on the planet, and my pocketbook. So, I am totally excited. Did I mention that I am excited?
Dan and I have named him. And no, I am not telling, because two important people in the family don't really love the name, and I am not accepting any additional non-love for the best name on the planet for my baby boy (Dan is still calling the baby Earnhardt Bocephus. Not kidding...) but I will give you a hint. His name starts with a W. And, its not Wyatt. So, as I am ramping up for the busiest April in my books EVER, I am busy thinking about how to create a wonderful space for the baby in the purple house. yay. baby!