Wendy @ Walmart

Surreal, Odd Pregnancy Experience Alert: After asking my due date, a very upbeat (and self-professed telepathic) cashier alerted me, with extreme confidence, that my baby would be born early. She stared at me, then my stomach, and asked if she could touch him (yes, him, without me telling her). SO, of course I agreed, because the whole scene was so hypnotic spell weird. She touched my stomach, closed her eyes, and then told me that in fact, the baby W will be born between July 9 and 11, a full 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Interesting.
While we were walking out to the car, Dan was quiet. I asked him if he was freaked out that I had let this stranger chime in our our baby making schedule, or if he thought she might be right. Dan gently reminded me that July 9 is when he is scheduled to be out of town for a few days. Crap. Crap.
Wendy, we hope you are not right...