My friend Lili has a new puppy. An adorable, yummy breath, squishy, english bulldog named Bacon who I think I need to steal. seriously. I insisted on photographing little Bacon after first laying eyes on him at the farmer's market last weekend, so yesterday I forced myself and my camera on Lili's family and we spent a few minutes together (in the very warm sun). Bacon, was delicious.Lili has another puppy, who's the size of a mountain, 10 month old Zeek. He likes treats ALOT and will do nearly anything to get one. Like smooch Lili on the face.Zeek looks quite pensive with that arched eyebrow!
And this is Shelby. She is Lili's favorite. The sweetest dog and quite a show off! She minded her manners the entire time I visited.
Thanks Lili for letting me get my puppy breath fix. Little Bacon makes me swoon. I wish my baby boy was already born and I would photograph the two of them asleep together in the studio. How precious would THAT be???