updated danielle life

This week has been a real roller-coaster, which I can actually tell you WHY on Tuesday, so for now, here is what's going on...Have we found Marvin a new home? No. He failed his doggie/home interview Thursday. The Doberman of the house decided she did NOT want Marvin as a new playmate and communicated this fact by ONLY showing her teeth which made Marvin squeal like a girl and jump on the hood of their (nicely waxed new) car. WHICH IS NUTS, since he is such bully at home - Mr. I will viciously bark at you and try to attack you if walk past my house - let a girl beat him up. Dan congratulated Marvin for a job well done - as if Marvin is smart enough to fake fear in order to continue living with us... perhaps he is? nahhhh. So, Marvin has 6 weeks to find a new home. I would love for him to happily be settled by the time baby W arrives.
Photography Business: I'm happily cutting back to no more than 2 photo shoots per week and because of the heat, I definitely prefer indoors jobs. I'm also designing 2 NEW photo albums for recent clients. I heart them. I have a handful of sessions available in NC in July - as I will be there the entire month.
NEW and On Sale: I am happy to announce I have many new photograph prints on Etsy.com like the images above and below)- and I have a 22% off sale (type in NEWBABY at checkout: www.etsy.com/shop/dreadsky/). I would LOVE to sell several over the next month to help with the diaper fund. Cloth diapers and their inserts are expensive. Especially cute orange and blue ones.
I'm so in love with Baby W. He is moving ALOT. And I although I still have up to 40 contractions per day, my doctor says that this is my NORMAL, and that she thinks the baby will arrive around August 1. (when it is NICE and HOT). I've been busy washing and sorting baby clothes. Baby W has three drawers full of newborn, 0-3 month clothing and hats, shoes, and receiving blankets. We have 2 more baby showers, and I am SUPER excited about them. Books. We have been given so many lovely books, I am looking for some nameplates for the inside covers - maybe these:
These beauties can be personalized with your child's name and purchased here:
So, we continue painting and preparing for the baby. Oh, and Dan is busy doing grant proposals and tree science. More info on Tuesday/Wednesday, I promise.