Carolina or Bust

So, Dan and I have some pretty big news. In two weeks, we are moving back to North Carolina!!! He's starting a new position in Durham (doing tree and root science) with some amazing scientists and we are going to be living between Durham/Chapel Hill (not exactly sure WHERE yet...). Crazy, huh? Here I am 33.5 weeks pregnant and we are packing, selling the beloved purple house (more on that later), finding a new home, getting our stuff from Ohio to NC, Dan's starting a new job, and oh, having a baby within a month of moving. No pressure. No stress. But we are SUPER excited about getting back to our home state. Mostly because of the food: We miss Barbeque, Thai, morning Soul Food (like biscuits and gravy), REALLY good sushi, Whole Foods, gelato, cup a joe and Sage (a fab vegetarian joint in CH). I miss Target, the Art Museums, having Parents and Friends close by, a mall (yeah, Athens doesn't have a mall closer than 1.5 hours away), the Apple store, Barnes and Noble on Sunday afternoons, Duke Gardens, the Durham Bulls and big playgrounds and photography space. We are glad to be moving back. We both missed it.
To get ready to sell the house, Dan is painting up a storm, while I clean, pack, stage the house, and take photographs for the realtor. I feel like I have been writing all kinds of checks for house improvements: fixing locks, repairing little things like faucets, etc, right as we are leaving. We really need some help, like of the physical labor sort, because neither me nor Marvin are good at carrying much of anything. Which leaves it all up to Dan. The things I need to do in the next 2 weeks are: finish cleaning, Pack, get a truck, Drive 7 hours from Oho to NC. Then, my friend Joanna said she would come and help us unpack. Oh, and after all THAT, I need to find someone NEW to deliver baby W. No pressure. No stress.