more Winston, 1 month

It's been over a month since baby Winston was born, and good lord, the time has flown by. People talk about how quickly they grow up and they are right.
The changes are incredible, I just can't believe that my once tiny little man has:
  • gained 3 pounds
  • grown an inch and a half.
  • HUGE hands and feet!
  • the most delicious eyelashes ever
  • sleeps 3-4.5 hours at a time
  • has 3 dimples on his face
  • and... makes seriously stinky poop.
I am loving watching Dan become a father. They have "man time" every morning while I sleep. Dan says they discuss very important things, like Nascar, the proper way to tie a small mouth bass fly, women and dogs. Dan gets Winston at 6 am which allows me at least two extra hours of uninterrupted sleep. Dan reads to the baby at night (even if Winston is asleep) and it makes me so happy to watch the two of them. Click Clack Moo is Dan's favorite book to read (I think because he likes saying Mooooo in a cowlike voice.) I mean, who wouldn't?