Mom mode

Winston is 6.5 weeks old and I'm in full blown Mom mode. I am loving being at home with him and we spend our days talking and feeding and napping. Dan and I are trying to take it all in, as every day is different and wonderful.
This little man is more exciting than television and already has quite the personality (and range of expressions). He likes to be held and has Zero tolerance for hunger. He grunts and mumbles when he eats. I am worried he will walk too soon and get into everything because he already loves to stand up and look around. And, he can now roll over both ways.

We spent a few days with the in-laws this week and Winston got super spoiled. He was snuggled and had lots of visitors who told him how perfect he is. And, he was read to every night. Whether he liked it or not. I love how close I feel to Carol and my mom now, because of the baby. I am so thankful they love him as much as I do.