6 months old.

Ahhh, my tiny baby Winston is now 6 MONTHS old. And about 21 lbs, just guessing. He's a healthy baby. Chubby legs. Chubby arms. Delicious double chin. 

 For the past 4 or so weeks, he's been showing definite preferences: milk over prune juice, standing over laying down, books over tv, country music over classic rock and roll (which is sad), and squirming instead of sitting still... here he is enjoying his pears/prunes. (pears are his absolute favorite food)

he absolutely loves to giggle and babble, nothing he says is understandable. He says Ewwwww and Gaaaaaaaa and smiles like he is saying something truly spectacular. He absolutely LOVES dan and his nose. He bites it. And growls at it. and sticks his tongue up dans nostrils and just GIGGLES, like this is the most hilarious thing he could possibly do. I too, think it is pretty funny.

Winston is changing every single day. Yesterday (on his 6 month birthday) I noticed his hair has gotten longer and lighter. He prefers to wear it spiked. He feels he looks most cool/hip that way.
Winston discovered his feet last week. he grabs them when he is laying on his back and tries to get them into his mouth. i love watching him discover new things. he has this bouncy exerciser that allows him to jump and move side to side and dance, and he jumps hours at at time. i love watching him just figuring it all out. He loves it. 
He doesn't however, love for any of his toys to fight back when he smacks them. This bumble bee on his baby walker pinched him and DANG was he mad.

Winston and I go on play dates now. While visiting my friend Anna, Winston decided to practice his "looking super cool" skills in this crazy masculine chair. LOVE. how cute is my boy? Anna was sweet enough to let me borrow a fancy antique pipe. And of course, Winston promptly stuck it in his mouth. Perfect!
6 months has just FLOWN by. the best six months of my life. Hands down.